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Intellix provides intuitive software products that allow best practices to be captured, distributed and automated throughout entire organisations. Intellix solutions are today used within the financial-, the process-, and health care industries as well as public sector as expertise automation solutions that ensure employees easy and timely access to expert knowledge and up-to-date business procedures.
New Generation of Intellix Products

>>Tohbizlink, Singapore concludes Partnership Agreement with Intellix

Reykjavik, August 30, 2012

Today Intellix and Tohbizlink (TBL), a Singapore consultancy firm focusing on telecommunications in South East Asia have concluded a partner agreement. TBL will act in ASEAN, consisiting Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam for marketing and selling Intellix award winning knowledge automation solutions in that region. TBL will also identify consultancy firms in other industries that will benefit of offering Intellix systems to their clients for costs savings and improved decision making (compliance).

Intellix CEO Mr. Per Schmidt says: “We were introduced to TBL by a leading player in telecomm in South East Asia, and they came highly recommended. We are extremely excited about the opportunities laying ahead of us in telecomm and other industries in this fast growing region consisting of Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, which has a population of more than 600 million people and a combined gross domestic product of US$2.2 trillion in 2011.?

Director Mr. Ian Toh of TBL commented: “We are delighted to be a partner with Intellix who develops software that helps companies automate decision processes to improve consistency, lower costs and promote innovation. This provides us with an opportunity to get in to the multi-billions Business Intelligence market.?

About TBL: TBL consists of affiliated communication professionals specialized in fixed and wireless communications, including RFID products. TBL has experience in the system integration business and have worked with the wireless, mobile data system business for over 10 years in the area of sales, business development and project management for the largest players in telecommunications.

For further information please contact:
Per Schmidt, CEO, Intellix

Ian Toh, Director, TBL

>>Intellix powers Expeda’s Osteoporosis Risk Advisor App for the general public and non-professionals

Reykjavik, Iceland, May 22, 2012

Intellix joint venture Icemedix (name changed to Expeda) with professors Björn Ludvikson and Björn Gudbjörnsson at Landspitalet, Reykjavik University Hospital has developed an App for screening individuals for elevated risk for osteoporosis. The medical expert knowledge was captured with the Intellix Designer and a web service was developed by Intellix and hosted in the cloud for powering Expeda’s clinical decision support tool accessed from computers/laptops and smartphone’s via Apps. Intellix have developed both a professional- and a non-professional version for Expeda and the App being introduced today is for the non-professional market.

“What Intellix is doing for Expeda is only one example how easy medical knowledge can be captured and made available for non-professionals (both individuals and general physicians) for improved decision making and cost savings with the Intellix suite of products and we expect to see a big increase in applications in other medical areas were Intellix technology is used in the near future? said Intellix CEO, Mr. Per Schmidt.

The Expeda Osteoporosis Advisor is an easy to use tool providing individuals and non-professionals with valuable health information on Osteoporosis. The new App is intended to increase public awareness on Osteoporosis and to aid in the screening of Osteoporosis amongst the general public.

“The total cost of osteoporosis related fracture is estimated to be 3.5% of the total and we at Expeda believe that our contribution towards lowering the total cost is considerable?said Expeda CEO, Mr. Thorsteinn Geirsson. Osteoporosis is a disease in which the density and quality of the bone is reduced, resulting in enhanced risk of bone fracture. Osteoporosis is very common affecting about one out of three women and one out of five men worldwide. The loss of bone occurs "silently" and frequently there are no symptoms until the first fracture occurs, e.g. in the wrist, spine or hip. Fractures can have serious consequences, including chronic pain, body deformity, hospitalization, operations and loss of independence. Thus, significantly reducing the individual’s quality of life and in worst cases it can result in death. Today it is known that death rate due to hip fracture is higher compared to breast cancer related mortality among women.

The newly released App is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. / Requires iOS 4.1 or later.

For further information please contact:
Per Schmidt, CEO, Intellix

Thorsteinn Geirsson, CEO, Expeda
Phone: +354 897 9148

>>Intellecta concludes Partnership Agreement with Intellix

Reykjavik, May 22, 2012

Today Intellix and Intellecta, a leading Icelandic management consulting firm with a base in Reykjavik, signed a partner agreement. The aim is that Intellix will involve Intellecta in Icelandic software projects where understanding of business processes and assistance in change management is a vital part of a project. Intellecta will also market and sell Intellix products and services in Iceland.
Intellix CEO Mr. Per Schmidt says: “We are extremely excited about the opportunities laying ahead of us in Iceland and elsewhere and entering into a partner agreement with such a professional organization as Intellecta. It will further strengthen our offering in Iceland. After initial training of Intellecta’s consultants in the Intellix suite of products and services we will jointly work on a number of projects in Iceland that we have in the pipeline.?br> Intellecta´s CEO Mr. Einar Thor Bjarnason commented: “At Intellecta we have been assisting our clients in improving their operation and to be better equipped to succeed in an ever competitive world. Now with Intellix products that so intuitively capture all the vast knowledge needed to get better and faster decisions, we feel fortunate to be able to offer it to our clients as well participating in further developments. This will be the enabler our clients have been waiting for.

About Intellecta: Intellecta is an independent management consulting firm. It strives to improve organizations?operations in order to achieve their goals. Intellecta works with all kinds of firms and organizations, ranging from start-up ventures to large multinational conglomerates within biotechnical industry, heavy process industry, food processing or sensitive service and health organizations. Intellecta was established in 2000 and is a growing organization. Currently, Intellecta employs ten highly qualified consultants.

For further information please contact:
Per Schmidt, CEO, Intellix

Einar Thor Bjarnason, CEO, Intellecta
Phone: +354 821 1143

>>The Icelandic Government owned New Business Venture Fund invests in Intellix?health care joint venture - IceMedix

Reykjavik, December 2, 2011

The New Business Venture Fund or Nysköpunarsjodur (NSA, has agreed to buy shares in Intellix Icelandic joint venture IceMedix ehf. The investment of ISK 55 million will be done in three tranches and thereafter NSA’s share holding in IceMedix will be 27% (see press release in Icelandic

The aim of NSA and the other shareholders is to ensure the economic foundation and building up the company in specializing in the production of decision support tools for preventive work and diagnostics in health care. IceMedix develop, test and sell software were artificial intelligence from Intellix is used to facilitate health care access to best available medical knowledge at any given time. Such solutions will assist physicians in the diagnosis, treatment and control of complex diseases. Such tools will furthermore increase efficiency and reliability of the important decisions that must be taken in health care every day. It is believed that the decisions support tools will save doctors and patients precious time, lead to more effective use of research and appropriate treatment, and to significant savings for the health care system.

IceMedix will soon launch its first product to facilitate the prevention, detection, monitoring and treatment of osteoporosis and development of equipment for the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases is far advanced. IceMedix business is based on years of research and experience by the medical expertise lead by Professors Björn Runar Lúðvíksson and Björn Guðbjörnsson as well as extensive data processing, where AI from Intellix is used.

Helga Valfells, Director of NSA said in a statement that she is pleased to have the opportunity to invest in companies like IceMedix: "We have great faith in the company and its projects. There is gathered tremendous knowledge and experience of most competent men in the diagnosis of diseases and treatments as well as knowledge of data processing of large databases. It is our hope in NSA that this will be the beginning of a successful cooperation between IceMedix and NSA for helping to create valuable jobs and to deliver good returns for the fund, support in the decision making for physicians and patients and potential savings for the health care system. "

Bjorn R. Lúðvíksson, Chairman of Icemedix said in a statement: "Through our partnership with NSA, IceMedix has taken a big step towards establishing the company's products on the market. With access to NSA IceMedix has got a firm foundation structure with increasing credibility and quality of service and the equipment will soon be available to the public."

About IceMedix:
IceMedix was founded in 2008 by Prof. Björn Rúnar Ludvikson, MD, PhD and Prof. Björn Guðbjörnson and Per Schmidt owner of Intellix. Intellix specializes in the development and implementation of software solutions were proprietary artificial intelligence is used to capture automate best available knowledge (best practice) in organizations in health care, banking, insurance and telecom, to name a few. Using such clinical decision support systems developed for IceMedix will improve efficiency and quality of health care services as well as significant savings for users and for the health care system. Design and development of equipment in the area of osteoporosis is now in its final stage and marketing is being initiated. Icemedix?osteoporosis risk advisor has been under testing in a pilot study conducted in collaboration with physicians at Health Clinic Gardabae. Similar equipment in the field of auto-immune diseases is currently under development within the company.

About New Business Venture Fund:
The fund takes an active role in the development and growth of the economy by investing in beneficial innovation and start-ups. NSA is an independent investment fund owned by the Icelandic government

For further information please contact:
Per Schmidt, CEO, Intellix

Thorsteinn Geirsson, CEO
Phone: +354 897 9148

>>New software release

November 2, 2011 Intellix releases latest versions of Intellix Designer and Intellix Expertise Server. This release focuses on supporting 3rd party inference engines and prediction APIs. The release also focuses on supporting the latest Microsoft Windows operating systems.

 Development of the Sharepoint integration toolkit is still underway and is now scheduled to be released in January 2012.

>>Intellix implements support solution for Hongkong based SplitMediaLabs, Inc.

August 12, 2011 Intellix was chosen by SplitMediaLabs to provide a fully automated technical support solution to provide best practice advice to users of its XSplit Broadcaster solution. SplitMediaLabs has developed a unique live video streaming application used by tens of thousands of users all over the word.

SplitMediaLabs, CTO. Mr. Henrik Levring, says:

“With our growing user base and increased demand for support we needed to find a solution that automatically can assist users in tracing and resolving technical issues affecting the quality of their live video stream production. This will relieve our experts from trivial problem solving and provides our users with quicker support and trouble shooting - When its live its live and issues can rarely wait to be resolved.

The Intellix Designer product is unique and unmatched by any other product that we know of, so the choice was simple. Not only will the finished expertise model become a tremendous help for our users, but at the same time even our most decorated experts gain a deeper understanding of the cause and effect of issues often faced by users.

Per Schmidt, CEO Intellix, says:

For over a decade Intellix has delivered solutions for decision intelligence to banking, insurance, process industry and now also for health care. Therefore we were extremely happy to be able to demonstrate our product suite’s – Intellix Designer and Intellix Expertise Server - capabilities in a new business area and to a company located in Asia - a region where Intellix never before had any sales to.

We are having requests from other companies in Asia and Middle East for automation of customer support centers, but SplitMediaLabs was the one to come in first. 

About SplitMediaLabs:

SplitmediaLabs Limited is an innovative, Hong Kong based software company specializing in the development of applications and technology that enables rich media to be used for visual presentation and communication.


For further information contact

Henrik Levring at SplitmediaLabs

Per Schmidt  at Intellix

>>Intellix Development, Iceland established to take on development of Intellix Software

April 29, 2010 Intellix has established a sister company in Iceland to support the development of intelligent software products for expertise automation. Iceland's workforce have very skilled IT professionals that will support the continuing development of the Intellix software.

>>Intellix appoints Klaus Bjørn Jensen as Development Manager
April 8, 2010. Per May 1, 2010 Intellix has hired Klaus Bjørn Jensen as Development Manager.
Klaus has extensive experience from software development and project management from positions in a number of Danish leading software houses. During the years 1996 to 2003 Klaus was heading Intellix’ development on the award winning Intellix Designer Software for capturing and modeling expert knowledge. Klaus will head the continuing development of new features into the Designer as well as other development, including but not limited to, Share Point integration that will result in new launches of exciting versions of Intellix software.

>> IceMedix and Intellix presents a unique Osteoporosis Health Care System
February 25, 2010. IceMedix utilizing Intellix reward winning software, The Intellix Designer, develops an Osteporosis Health Care System.
Intellix and the Icelandic corporation IceMedix started their partnership in May 2008. The Osteoporosis Auto-clinical decision making platform is the first product to come out of this partnership. According to IceMedix CEO, Dr. Björn Rúnar Lúðvíksson, it is believed that interactive artificial intelligence complex support systems will become important guiding tools for health care providers towards improved and cost-effective decision-making. “Without Intellix significant contribution and its outstanding artificial intelligence software this achievement would have been near impossible” Dr. Lúðvíksson stated.
The system consists of two parts. A risk assessment system for osteoporosis related fracture, to be used by everyone interested in their personal risk profile regarding  fragility fracture. Furthermore, the system also includes diagnostic tool which evaluates risk factors and bone density to ensure diagnosis and recommends preventive measurements and/or bone protective treatment in selected cases. The latter system is meant for use by physicians serving patients with osteoporosis and/or medical technicians running bone density measurements units such as DEXA-units.   
Dr Björn Gudbjörnsson,  Chairman of the Icelandic Osteoporosis Society - Beinvernd is the driving force and osteoporosis expert behind the system. He says: ”This system may save the general physicians two out of three consultations involved in osteoporosis, and thereby reduce the waiting time for Bone Mineral Density (BMD) scanning in Europe, where the waiting time in many countries are  several weeks and up to  months. The benefits for the patients are important as they receive a diagnosis and can start treatment according to evidence based praxis, if applicable, instantaneously".
Osteoporosis is a major concern for society and is looked upon as a high priority disease where it only in the US is a major health threat to 44 million people and causes more than 1.5 million fractures annually. Based on figures from hospitals and nursing homes, the estimated direct expenditures for osteoporosis and related fractures total $14 billion each year in the US. The National Osteoporosis Foundation in the USA reported that by the year of 2010, about 12 million people over the age of 50 are expected to have osteoporosis and another 40 million to have low bone mass. By 2020, it is expected to increase to 14 million cases of osteoporosis and over 47 million cases of low bone mass. This increase in cases could cause the number of hip fractures to double or triple by 2040. Thus, with the aide of the osteoporosis advisor correct and timely interventions could reduce the number of fragility fractures by 30 – 50% within three years for the cohort.

Intellix CEO, Per Schmidt comments: “We are extremely pleased to work with  Dr. Gudbjörnsson in developing this Clinical Decision Tool for the diagnosis and treatment recommendation for Osteoporosis. Intellix have automated decisions in the financial sector and in the process industry for years and have known for long that health care is a obvious area for knowledge automation, but it is not until our cooperation started with Icelandic Professors Ludviksson and Gudbjörnsson that we have increased focus on the health care sector and this is expected to be a major area for Intellix in the future. This is the first Tool in a series of Tools that Intellix is going to develop together with IceMedix with its reward winning software Intellix Designer to cover major disease areas like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular and other major diseases. Together with IceMedix unique data gathering approach and Intellix Designer Software makes it easy to capture the best available international knowledge and behaviour from the leading experts in the field, thus enabling that best clinical decisions are made consistently and instantly, ultimately leading to decreased costs for society and increased quality of life for patients”.
Further information:
Christian Liisberg, Chief Knowledge Director


Björn Gudbjörnsson, MD, PhD
Associate professor of Rheumatology Research
Centre for Rheumatology Research
University Hospital - Landspitali - Iceland, IceMedix


Björn Rúnar Ludviksson, Prof., M.D., Ph.D.
University Hospital - Landspitali - Iceland, IceMedix

>> Intellix appoints Sales Manager
June 11, 2009. Mr. Per Bo has been appointed Sales Manager for Intellix. Per Bo has vast experience from complex IT sales to large corporations in Europe and in the US. Per Bo has previously held sales manager postions in WM Data, CapGemini, T-Systems and SSA Global (Infor).

>> Intellix develops Diagnostics System for Stomach and Digestive Channel Diseases
January 5, 2009. Intellix has as an experiment into the health care sector developed a basic diagnostic system for stomach and digestive channel diseases. The system makes the main diagnosis into nine different disease groups. The system is meant as a support system for General Practitioners, who does not have detailed knowledge about stomach diseases present. The system is not yet validated by the General Practitioners league, but we expect that systems like this will be a normal tool for General Practitioners in the near future. For further information please contact Christian Liisberg, Chief Knowledge Director

>> Intellix develops Social Visitation System for Danish Municipalities
September 12, 2008. Intellix has developed a visitation system for the local Danish governments. The system can classify social clients into five different match groups, which then again determines the range of help and support for the client. The problem was (and is), that the local social workers have difficulties doing the classification in a unifom manner both within one local government and between local governments. By using the system as decision support, the social workers now can make the correct and uniform classification. The system was built by interviewing four experienced social workers from the local government of Karlebo, Denmark.
For further information please contact: Christian Liisberg, Chief Knowledge Director,

>> Intellix enters cooperation with Icelandic Health Care Service Provider IceMedix
May 15, 2008. Intellix concluded today an agreement within the health care area with the Icelandic Corporation IceMedix ehf, Reykjavik. IceMedix will develop a medical bioinformatics diagnostic tool that will utilize intuitive software to create intelligent medical checklists on a biomedical software platform that allows best practices to be captured, distributed and automated. The biomedical platform will utilize Intellix' award winning software - The Intellix Designer for capturing and automating existing knowledge and Intellix' datamining software - The Intellix Analyser for finding new knowledge in vast amount of patient data. The joint ventures strategy and approach is driven towards creating a proprietary and unique technology in bioinformatics aimed at the core diagnostic field in autoimmune and allergic inflammatory diseases. The platform will also include a unique diagnostic platform in the diagnostic and risk assessment and management of osteoporosis. Today wide arrays of various diagnostic tests are making the backbone of the diagnosis of autoimmunity, allergy and osteoporosis. A growing body of scientific evidence supports the notion that early diagnosis of these disabling and potentially fatal diseases clearly can be prevent or delay such progression and even help physicians in their treatment strategy. With the aide of IceMedix in silico medical solution platform, highly complex decisions within the medical profession will become more reliable, less time consuming and to the point. With the enormous progress that has occured in the field of microbiology, molecular biology/immunology, genetics and high throughput analysis has created a unique business opportunity to combine thoose tools of IceMedix to possibly identify and evaluate new mechanisms, targets and risk factors associated with these diseases.

>> Intellix releases Expertise Server 3.01
October 15, 2007. Intellix released today version 3.01 of the Intellix Expertise Server, providing the server product, with among others, improved support for XML.NET-based web services.

>> Intellix releases Designer 5.01
October 10, 2007. Intellix released today its version 5.01 of the Intellix Designer, providing the award winning product with Vista compability.

>> Intellix prepares to launch new minor product versions
August 31st 2007. Intellix is preparing to launch new versions of their award winning Expertise Automation software. It is expected that new minor versions of both Intellix Expertise Server and Intellix Designer will be launched shortly.

Amongst the new features will be full Windows Vista support for the Intellix Designer and improved support for XML.NET-based web services in the Intellix Expertise Server, as well as a series of minor feature enhancements and bug fixes.

>> Intellix choosen for major Health Care project
August 27th 2007. The SIMEHealth Project – A Internet based Health Profile and Early Warning Service, which Intellix was chosen to participate in, start Clinical tests in September.

People will, through a tiny hand held device be able to test themselves and connected online to a server, receive continous information about their health and early warning for diseases. In a blood sample of 50 microliter is it possible to verify a large number of specific health issues and diseases.

The data is analysed by Intellix?software and information is sent out in four different information levels:

  • Special Knowledge to experts at the hospital
  • General medico scientific information to the patients doctor
  • Health information to the patient
  • Education about the disease for the relatives of the patient

The Project will be finished in 2010 and will thereafter be marketed world-wide. Read more

>> Jyske Bank launches second Intellix-based solution
September 21st 2006. Today Jyske Bank launched their second Intellix-based Expertise Automation solution. This solution is an advanced platform for selling complex financial instruments and derivatives to small and medium sized business clients. The solution is a major part of Jyske Banks 400 million DKK (approx 55M euro) revamp of their branches and product offerings. More information on Jyske Banks Intellix-based product (in Danish only): here

>> Jyske Bank upgrades to Intellix Expertise Server 3.0
Jyske Bank, the third largest bank in Denmark, launched their latest Expertise Automation solution on June 1st, 2006. Their Investment Advisor ?originally implemented in cooperation with Intellix in 2001 ?has been updated to the latest version of the award winning Intellix software. This updated version of the Investment Advisor is targeted at Jyske Banks high net worth/private banking clients and utilizes Intellix' multi-language features to deliver the solution in several languages including Danish, English and Polish to customer advisors across Europe. Jyske Bank is already working on several other Intellix-based Expertise Automation solutions.

>> Intellix in Iceland
December 2005, Earlier this month Intellix began operations in Iceland. A wholly-owned subsidiary Intellix ehf. has been founded and the first projects will be completed by Q1 2006. Intellix ehf. focuses on strong Icelandic values such as Entrepreneurship and Innovation and will in the beginning be targeting the Financial Services Industry as well as the Medical/Pharmaceutical sectors.

>> Intellix releases Expertise Server 3.1
Today, September 14, 2005, Intellix announced the commercial availability of version 3.1 of the company's server product. Major new features include the availability of .NET based run-time interfaces allowing for easier integration to back- and front-end systems.

>> Intellix Solutions to provide services to the Travel Industry
Intellix subsidiary Intellix Solutions begins providing services to the Travel Industry. An intelligent online tool to help customers find the perfect destination and hotel will be available to major travel agencies. The system will enable personal travel counselling on the internet based on experienced travel agents expertise.

>> Intellix Releases updated range of Expertise Automation products
Today, March 26, 2004, Intellix announced the release of the Intellix Designer 5.0, the Intellix Expertise Server 3.0 and the Intellix Management Console 3.0. A number of major improvements and new features are included in today's release. Intellix Designer 5.0 improvements are designed to make it quicker and easier to build Expertise Automation solutions. The release also includes major improvements in the areas of knowledge modeling, workflow visualization and control, business integration and testing….

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